New Penny Stocks To Buy Now – Tips To Find New Penny Stocks Ready to Explode

New Penny Stocks to Buy Now

Want to know how to find the top new penny stocks to buy now?  There is an easy system to do this. Using research to pick profitable stocks can still work but results are not very consistent because even though a company might have great prospects, it may be undiscovered. Researching micro cap stocks is difficult because lots of times the financials are not accurate or up to date. Research is important but many factors influence a stock’s movement. If you are like me, sometimes you make profits and sometimes you take a loss after doing your investigating.

I have a few tips for you:

Tip #1: Volume!

While there are many factors involved in choosing the right micro cap, the ones that make the biggest gains have one essential factor and that is increasing volume. The big question then becomes: How can I find these stocks before the big breakout takes place?

There is a mathematical system that is able to identify stocks before major volume arrives, which allows the system to identify ter time to buy which means you invest at the bottom and see the largest percentage  gains. You will know about these stocks before the pack  knows  about their true value. These stocks can jump astronomically once the investment community jumps in and the volume sky rockets.

Tip #2: Use the Right Broker!

Commissions are a large element of making money with stocks. Use the wrong broker and a profitable trade could turn into a loss. Most of the large firms frown upon penny stock investing, so they are usually not your best choices. Brokers that deal in lower priced stocks, often provide excellent research tools that can be used to implement the exciting mathematical formula to pick winners and double or triple your money. It is much easier for a 45 cent stock to go to 90 cents than it is for a $45 stock to go to $90 but the percentage gain is the same.

Tip #3: Hype

Most small companies are not followed by research analysts at large brokerage firms. So the only way they get publicity is to hire a public relations firm to promote the company and its stock. The public relations firm will usually receive a block of stock as payment and they will hype the stock and try to make the price rise. By watching Securities and Exchange filings, it is possible to find companies that a public relations firm is getting ready to hype and drive the price up.

Tip #4: Follow a Newsletter

Newsletters have excellent research and a following. When a stock is recommended, it will usually go up and get attention. Be careful to use a limit order and try to get in at the opening. Sometimes stocks jump up and then come back down when day traders unload them after they move up.

Warning: Do not neglect the above when you are trading penny stocks.

How do you find the top new penny stocks to buy now?  Some of the newsletters on this page have excellent track records and are not real expensive.

Awesome Penny Stocks

Awesome Penny Stocks to Buy Now

As the year comes to a close, it has been a good year for penny stocks if your timing was right. Penny stocks dance to a different tune than regular stocks. Hype, volume and news releases have much bigger impacts on the microcaps than on bigger stocks. Finding a good penny stock newsletter and following their advice rapidly and carefully can lead to impressive gains. My favorite newsletter is Penny Stock Prophet  by James Connelly. He consistently makes good picks and times purchases and sales very accurately.  His newsletter provides lots of good research and he has made some excellent picks in gold stocks and biotechnology stocks. The newsletter sells for $97 a year and comes with a money back guarantee.  The key is to buy the stock before it jumps and use limit orders so you don’t get hosed on the trade. Connelly uses the Psychological Support Principle for analyzing stocks and for finding stocks that are getting ready to make an upward move. Add in 4 other technical factors and Connelly has a superb track record of picking winners.

Some awesome penny stocks that were recently recommended by the newsletter are: Leading Brands Inc. Lyric Jeans, Global Agri-Med Technologies, and Spare Backup Inc. A new pick is Lone Star Gold Corp. The company is engaged in the acquisition of properties and the mining and development of these properties in the United States and Mexico . The company acquires gold, silver, zinc and lead and any other precious metals from the properties and exercises strict environmental controls on their operations. With the high price of gold, even small deposits on these properties can turn into big profits. The company minimizes risk by doing joint ventures with other companies. As they build up assets, they will take a more aggressive development approach. The stock is currently at 70 cents and has made several runs to the one dollar range. Future projections are for $5-$6 range and the stock has been mentioned as a possible acquisition candidate.

Awesome penny stocks can be found doing individual research but it will probably take longer to make money. By using a newsletter, you can get in ahead of the crowd. The stock will usually have a volume spike, thus drawing more investors and increasing your profits. However, you can also easily be burned, so start small and get some experience.